BAV - Mid Term Data-3-1-1
BAV - Mid Term Data-3-2-1-1

HAART Academy Webinar - BAV Repair - August 16th

Bicuspid Aortic Valve Repair:
The Evidence, The Experience, the Process
Tuesday, August 16 - 7pm ET / 4pm PT 

Why Repair & Why HAART: NEW Mid-Term & Multi-Center Outcomes
Dr. Marc Gerdisch
Franciscan Health - Indianapolis, IN

When & How to Get Started: Just Do It!
Dr. Jason Glotzbach
University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT

The Buffalo Experience: "Should've Put a Ring on it"
Dr. Brett Reece
University of Colorado - Denver, CO

NEW PUBLICATION: HAART 200 Mid-Term Multi-Center Outcomes

  • 127 Patients from 27 Centers
  • Proximal Aortic Aneurysm & BAV Repair with HAART 200 
  • Maximal Followup 7.7 years (mean 20 months)
  • >90% Survival & Freedom from Valve-Related Complications
Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10-46-32 AM
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Simplifying & Standardizing    Aortic Valve Repair

  • Resize - Reduce Dilatation
  • Reshape - Restore more normal, three-dimensional coaptation geometry
  • Stabilize - Reduce the risk of recurrent annular dilatation

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