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On Demand HAART Academy Webinar

Geometric Ring Annuloplasty & Nodular Release During Aortic Valve Repair

Management of Nodular Retraction & Aneurysm
Dr. Rochus Voeller - University of Minnesota

Management of Nodular Retraction & Aneurysm
Dr. Chris Burke - University of Washington

Nodular Retraction in Rheumatic AI 
Dr. J. Michael Smith - The Christ Hospital (Cincinnati, OH)

Nodular Retraction in Congenital Surgery 
Dr. John Kupferschmid 
Methodist Children's Hospital (San Antonio, TX)

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Simplifying & Standardizing    Aortic Valve Repair

  • Resize - Reduce Dilatation
  • Reshape - Restore more normal, three-dimensional coaptation geometry
  • Stabilize - Reduce the risk of recurrent annular dilatation

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